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ID Detailed Inspection and Reporting

Nationally Accredited Competencies:

Course Duration:

Delivery Method:

Course Content:

Yes 3 days Intensive Delivery Theory: 60%
Practical: 40%

Course Overview.

Our inspection and reporting course is more detailed and provides more practical exercises than most others. Experience in the field cannot be replaced so provide a far greater number of opportunities to conduct inspections. You also spend time with an industry-leading hazardous area inspector who can answer all your questions. This course is intensive so you will need to absorb a lot of knowledge in order to demonstrate competence.

Ideal for.

Qualified engineers and tradespeople wanting to develop knowledge and skills necessary to practice or understand inspection of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. The competencies resulting from this training and assessment are only for gas and pressurisation atmospheres.


Location: CNW Training Academy, 309 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe WA 6104
Price on Application. Please contact us on (08) 62710600 or prior to enrolment to ensure you get the latest competitive price.
We highly recommend the EEHA Handbook as a valuable theory resource for all EEHA courses @ $50.00 (optional)
Course Content: Hazardous area awareness, general concepts of area classification, explosion-protection techniques, safety in hazardous areas, gas detection, and requirements for inspection and reporting.
Training Approach: Fully-blended, utilising on-line learning, classroom theory, workshops and group discussions, practical demonstrations, and practical exercises.
Assessment Approach:

Blended, utilising on-line assessment, written assessments, group workshops, experience profiling, and practical assessments. Participants can complete written assessments concurrent with training or as an assessment pack to be completed within three months of course completion.

Note 1: All workshop and practical assessments must be completed at the CNW Training Academy concurrent to training.

Note 2: Time taken to receive assessment of competency depends on method assessment chosen by the participant.

Competency Assessment: Can only be completed on receipt of a validated work experience profile, and completion and submission of all assessments by the participant. If additional training and assessment is required to obtain competency we will support you through the process.
Successful Completion: Statement of attainment
Course Entry Requirements:

Courses: Students must complete Intensive Delivery - Installation, Maintenance, Testing and Reporting before able to apply for this course.

Practice in the Workplace: The skills and knowledge described in our programs require a license to practice in the workplace subject to regulations for undertaking of electrical work. Practice in workplace and during training is also subject to regulations directly related to workplace health and safety and (where applicable) contracts of training such as apprenticeships.

Intensive Delivery Courses:Relevant, recognised and current engineering degree and/ or electrical working licence, and workplace profile validated by your manager or supervisor.

*The training and assessment in this program relies heavily on the relevant AS/NZS Standards for Hazardous Areas. Students will require access to these standards during the course. To assist you with this, CNW Training Academy have the relevant standards, under licence from SAI Global, which is available for purchase at a discounted rate of $110.00 (inc GST) on a handy USB. Please let our team know if you wish to purchase a USB when you call to confirm your registration.

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