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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the CNW Training Academy where we will help you to develop your career through new qualifications or by formally recognising your existing skills and knowledge. Your enrolment is the first step on this journey together. All learners must acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions, and return the signed document to the CNW Training Academy during enrolment.

Our Learning Style

Our learning programs are developed to satisfy the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act, 2011, and the Vocational Education and Training (General) Regulations, 2009.

All trainers are experienced and conversant with Adult Learning Principles and will be flexible throughout their delivery to best suit client needs.

The training and assessment conducted at our venue includes very practical ‘hands-on’ experiences, as well as small group classroom based activities and discussion. Our assessment process is in accordance with the National Assessment Principles and conforms to the standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Where possible, the assessment process is as flexible as possible within the requirements of the units of competency. To achieve competency you will be required to demonstrate specified skills, knowledge, and attitudes relevant to effective participation in the industry. This will usually involve practical demonstration, verbal or written tests, and completion of practical tasks.

We want you to succeed however we also have a responsibility to ensure that our assessment of competence is accurate and fair for all parties, which includes future or current employers and is critical for your own safety.

Your trainer and/or assessor will provide feedback on the outcomes of your assessments. If additional training and assessment is required to obtain competency we will support you through the process. 

Course Requirements

Learners are to wear normal work clothes including enclosed foot wear, an appropriate shirt for the course content, and trousers or jeans. All clothing is required to be in good condition and non-offensive. No hats to be worn inside.

Courses will commence at the listed time. Due to the nature of the training learners must be in attendance for the full duration of the course. If a learner is running late they are to contact the CNW Training Academy at the first available opportunity to provide an estimated time of arrival. This is to ensure that other participants are not disadvantaged. Non-attendance during the course due to illness will be managed to ensure the learner is not disadvantaged.

At the start of each day of your course, you are required to sign a course attendance sheet. This sheet tracks the number of hours you have attended and is an essential component of evidence in assessing your competence. In the event this is not signed, learners may be assessed as Not Yet Competent (NYC).

Our holistic, fully-blended approach to both training and assessment means that learners will only be awarded the units of competency on completion of the full course, and all its requirements. Partial completion of any course offering cannot be recognised.

Licence to Practice and Course Pre-requisites

Most CNW Training Academy courses are designed for people who intend to practice in the workplace. There are several non-accredited offerings if you do not intend to apply the attained knowledge and skills in the workplace.

A licence to practice is subject to regulations for undertaking of electrical work. In Western Australia a valid, current and recognised electrical working licence satisfies the licence to practice requirements. The practice of skills in the workplace is also subject to regulations directly related to workplace health and safety.

The CNW Training Academy shall enrol learners into courses delivering nationally accredited competencies under the UEE11 Training Package only when:

Should you not satisfy each of these requirements then prior to enrolment please call the CNW Training Academy to discuss the available options. We want the optimum outcome for you and we certainly do not want you to waste your money.

Requirements of other workplaces are beyond the control and responsibility of the CNW Training Academy.

Please refer to Issue and Re-issue of Certificates in these Terms and Conditions to ensure you understand what type of testamur you will receive on successful completion of the course you have selected.

Workplace Health & Safety

The CNW Training Academy is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for learners and staff alike. Learners must comply with health and safety policies and procedures including:

Code of Conduct

In order to safeguard an efficient and effortless running of the course please ensure the following:

The following outlines the code of conduct for CNW Training Academy by which all learners, staff, clients and visitors must abide.

Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated at the CNW Training Academy.

A learner who believes that he or she is being discriminated against should utilise the Complaints and Appeals process immediately.

Photography and Recording

All course material, facility layout, and equipment configuration remain the sole property of the CNW Training Academy. Recording of these aspects of the CNW Training Academy via any media is permitted only when written permission from the CNW Training Academy manager is provided. Recording without this permission will be viewed and managed as an intellectual property matter.

Learner Access and Equity

The CNW Training Academy shall provide fair and equitable services to all learners. These services include:

Complaints and Appeals

The CNW Training Academy has policies and procedures for dealing with client complaints and appeals in a constructive and timely manner.

During the course introduction trainers and assessors will provide learners with information about the CNW Training Academy Complaints and Appeals Process. Learners are encouraged to seek clarification from the trainer and/or assessor if there are any concerns prior to undertaking the first assessment.

If you have a complaint or an appeal with the CNW Training Academy please speak directly with your trainer or our management team. Where necessary this will automatically invoke the Complaints and Appeals process.

If you are not satisfied with the handling of the complaint by the CNW Training Academy, you can lodge your complaint with the registering body at:

Issue and Re-issue of Certificates and Statements

The CNW Training Academy shall issue and re-issue Statements of Attainment in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

A learner who successfully completes a course that delivers nationally accredited competencies will only receive a Statement of Attainment if they:

For learners with a recognised and relevant Degree in Electrical and/or Instrumentation Engineering completion of offerings that include nationally accredited competencies result in a Certificate of Competence when all training and assessment satisfies requirements of the AS/NZS 4761.

Should a learner successfully complete a course that does not deliver nationally accredited competencies a Certificate of Completion shall be issued.

The CNW Training Academy can only make an assessment of competence if all required evidence is provided. Required evidence may include work experience profiles, theory assessments, workshop assessments, practical assessments, and results of an interview.

The learner must ensure that they submit the required evidence to the CNW Training Academy in the required timeframe to enable a timely assessment of competence.

Statements and certificates will only be re-issued to the successful learner once validated through our student management system. Please contact our office for the current re-issue fees and charges.

Assessment Due-Date and Extension Policy

An assessment of competence cannot be completed without all the evidence. It is essential that assessment tasks are submitted by the due date provided by the trainer/assessor.

Flexibility is provided through the ability to complete assessments outside of course hours. In this case the completed assessment must be returned to the trainer/assessor by the commencement of the next course day. Authenticity in assessment requires that all assessments must be signed by the learner to attest that all work submitted is solely their own.

Fairness in assessment requires consideration of the individual learner’s needs and characteristics, and any reasonable variations that need to be applied to take account of these. This requires clear communication between the assessor and the learner to ensure the learner is fully informed about the assessment process and abides by the requirements.

If you are unable to submit assessment tasks by the due date, please inform the assessor/trainer prior to the commencement of any assessment. Due dates can be negotiated with the CNW Training Academy manager and the trainer/assessor to meet individual needs. Valid reasons must be provided when requesting an extension.

Access to Learner Files

If learners require access to their personal learner records, records will be made available upon written request by the learner. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

The CNW Training Academy shall also protect its Intellectual Property with regard to releasing training and assessment material.

The CNW Training Academy abides by the following legislation with regard to record keeping and privacy:

Services Offered

A full set of offered services is provided in Table 1. Please contact our office for the current fees and charges.

Table 1 – Services Offered

Service Offering

Re-issue of Statement of Attainment or Certificate of Completion
Re-assessment of Competency
Credit Transfer (no fee applies to this service)
Recognition of Prior Learning

Non-accredited Training

Enclosure Installation and Maintenance
Pressurised Enclosures
On-line Awareness
In-class Awareness


Hazardous Area Re-Accreditation

Intensive Delivery

Installation, Maintenance, Testing, and Reporting
Detailed Inspection and Reporting

Training Continuum

Glanding and Reporting
Enclosure Installation, Maintenance and Reporting
Pressurised Systems and Reporting Intrinsic Safety Circuits
Inspection and Reporting
Bridge to Competency


The terms and conditions of payment are different for individuals and organisations.

For an individual:

For an organisation:

The types of payment accepted by the CNW Training Academy are:

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The BGW Group guarantees CNW Training Academy has a sound financial position and safeguards clients' fees until used for learning and assessment. The CNW Training Academy holds and maintains an unconditional financial guarantee for an amount no less than the total amount of prepaid fees held by the Training Academy. A figure of AUD50,000 was calculated based on the maximum foreseeable uptake rate for any single quarter. This satisfies the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

The CNW Training Academy accommodates the following situations that might result in cancellation and/or refund:

A ‘full refund’ will apply if learners withdraw from a course in which they have enrolled only under the following circumstances:

CNW Training Academy reserves the right to cancel a course. If CNW Training Academy cancels a course, cancellation fees will not be charged and paid fees will be fully refunded.

CNW Training Academy can accommodate the following in lieu of a refund when formally agreed with the client. A signed document or formal email between the client and the CNW Training Academy must accompany any of the following:

Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Within the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) a registered training organisation (RTO) must:

The CNW Training Academy recognises assessments conducted by Australian RTOs operating within their scope of registration. The CNW Training Academy utilises Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning processes to assess competencies gained previously. Please contact our office for the current fees and charges.

Credit Transfer

This is a process that allows learners to gain credit towards courses based on equivalence of prior learning. This requires the candidate to provide sufficient information to the CNW Training Academy to fulfil its obligation of Credit Transfer. There is no fee for this service.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This is an assessment process that involves the assessment of previously unrecognised skills and knowledge an individual has achieved outside the formal education and training system. RPL assesses this unrecognised learning against the requirements of a qualification, in respect of both entry pre-requites and outcomes to be achieved. RPL may include the use of Credit Transfer.

In order to provide RPL it is necessary for an assessor to compare the informal or non-formal education that you have completed against the evidence requirements stated in the qualification, and then to determine appropriate evidence to support the claim of prior learning. Credit for RPL must be identified prior to enrolment (if applicable) and at least four weeks prior to course commencement.

A result of an RPL assessment might be the requirement for the learner to undertake further training and assessment. This additional training and assessment is not included in the RPL service offered. The RPL process recognises prior learning and highlights any gaps.

Our holistic, fully-blended approach to both training and assessment means that the CNW Training Academy can only award units of competency on completion of the full course, and all its requirements. Partial completion of any course offering cannot be recognised. This applies equally to assessment required for RPL.

The first step in enrolment via our website is a prompt to consider applying for RPL. If RPL is a viable option, please call the CNW Training Academy to discuss your options.

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